Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Summer is over??!!! What??

So... we have been kickin it here in Vegas for the past couple of months, and I can't believe that we will be leaving in a week! It has gone by fast, but it's also nice to be heading home. So what have we done this summer?? Not much really...

Jere has been working at his internship all day during the week, and I was lucky enough to get a job working for my uncle's electric business as a secretary figure. It has been nice to have a little bit of money coming in... Other fun things we have done this summer: 

1. Playing with the three fun little boys we have been living with. They are a riot and so much fun to be with. (Sorry I don't have any pictures... I would go take one now but they are at Disney World. I will get one later.)

2. Family reunion in Park City. We enjoyed spending time with Jeremy's family. We stayed at a nice cabin and it was fun to be with everyone. We played games, watched slides, and went boating. I got burned pretty bad, and peeled pretty badly afterword, but it was so worth it. My next purchase will be a jet ski just so you all know... okay maybe not my next purchase but it's on my list of things to buy.  Here are our pictures:

HA! This is the one picture we took over the weekend. We are horrible picture takers. I am setting a goal to try to take more pictures... we'll see how it goes. Blogs are always more exciting with pictures.

3. We have seen quite a few movies. July was packed with hits! 

Transformers 3: Better than the 2nd, not as good as the first, but still fun to see. 

Harry Potter: Of course! I thought it was the best of the Harry Potter flicks... just my opinion. 

I know this is not a picture from Harry Potter, but I thought it was cute so it will do.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: This was probably my favorite movie I have seen all summer. Don't judge me. It is a little scandalous.. but I thought it was a cute story with a good message. It made me laugh. It made me cry. I thought it was great. 

Captain America: This was good. I liked it better than Thor. I thought it was a fun movie with a lot of action. Jeremy liked it more than I did, but that's to be expected. Plus I saw it the day after Crazy, Stupid, Love, so I think I was more in the mood for a romance rather than action... 

That's all the movies we have seen in theaters so far... the next on my list is "The Help". 

4. We went to Magic Mountain in California! 

Oh my land! This was the funnest/scariest day of my life. I thought I was seriously going to DIE at times! Some of the roller coasters seemed like the giant drop was never going to end! It was so fun to ride all the crazy coasters. I haven't ridden any seriously huge roller coasters since I went to Busch Gardens Virginia after 8th grade... (Lagoon roller coasters DO NOT count... they are weak compared to these coasters)
My favorite ride was called X2. Basically you drop straight down and follow the track that spins and turns and all the while you are in a side car that is on a free axis so you are spinning the whole time anyway! Intense??...yes!! 
Can you see the straight down drop? So fun!! 

One ride, Goliath, had a HUGE and I mean HUGE drop. I think it was 255 feet, and you go into a tunnel below ground. I wanted to get off when we reached the top... I needed a bailing point so I could just get out of the car and walk down some stairs or something. However, I stayed on the ride and I survived... Barely! I thought the drop was never going to end! Ugh. But Jeremy really liked that one. 

So this is the humungous drop... you can't even see it all in the pic it was so huge! HUGE!

It was a fun day to spend with my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. My 8 year old cousin rode everything he was tall enough for.. I don't know how he did it. I wanted to bail on a lot of the rides, but he pushed me into doing them. Magic Mountain was a blast and I would definitely go back again! 

5. My mom came to visit. We had fun shopping and going to movies (Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Captain America). Mostly it was just fun to see her and to get to hang out. We will hopefully be able to see her soon before school gets started back up again. 

We went to the Conservatory at the Bellagio and looked at the flowers. It was really pretty. 

There was also an industrial design store called Droog... Jeremy was a kid in a candy store here... It was cute!

This was one of the items from the store... it is a log with chair backs attached. 

It was fun to hang with my mom. I love her so much! She is so fun and we enjoyed having her here for a week! 

6. We have been working on reading the Hunger Games.. we have read the first two already and are working on the third.. don't give away the ending to us. It all started as we were traveling in our car to the reunion.... our radio doesn't work that well and I was reading the first one, so I offered to read it out loud so we would have something to listen to at least... well, Jeremy got hooked. We have been reading them together ever since.  We like them... its been a fun little thing to do together. We are almost done, so we will have to start a new series after... any suggestions? 

7. Turd Bird!! Who is Turd Bird you ask? Angie (my aunt with whom we live) 's dad is at Sturgess for two weeks so his bird has been here for the past week and a half. Lets just say I know that I NEVER want a bird for a pet... NEVER EVER EVER!! He is loud and just bites people... where's the fun in that? And yes... his real name is Turd Bird. 

8. Lastly, we have gambled away every penny that Jeremy earned at his internship!! Disappointing I know, we thought we might have a chance at winning big, but it didn't happen... Maybe next time. 

We are heading home in about a week and then school starts the week after. It has been a fun, hot summer, but it will be nice to get into our old routine again! Thanks for reading! Have a good rest-of-summer!!!! Loves! 



(P.S. for those of you reading who are concerned about our gambling problem, Jeremy is doing an unpaid internship...hehe)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Town=New Hair

GOOD NEWS!!! Well, we finally received word on an internship for Jeremy this summer. We are headed to the freezing cold Las Vegas Nevada! Ha! We are going to be there in the dead of summer, June 13-August 19 to be exact. It is going to be blistering hot, but we are really excited to start our new adventure there for the summer.

Jeremy is going to be working at a gaming company called Aristocrat, Inc. (Gaming company is a nice way of saying they work in the gambling industry.) They have offered him an internship working with the engineers to help develop a new line of slot machines... this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we'll take it! We are excited for him to start working in his field for the summer.

We will be staying with my Uncle Darren, my mom's brother, and his family. They are so generous to let us crash at their place for a couple months. They have 3 little boys, so it will be fun to feel like we are part of a family again. We are excited to spend time with them and be around the little guys for a while!

So by the title of my post, you may be wondering what i was talking about with new town, new hair. Well, I have told you about the town, now what about the hair?? Well since we are going to be moving into some hot weather, I decided that it was time that I give Jeremy a hair cut. It is kind of hard to see in this picture, but doesn't it look great??

I AM JOKING!!! Although it is true... that I cut Jeremy's hair (not in this picture though... this picture is from like 2 years ago when we were first dating. I look so tan, at least for me. It's because it was taken at the end of summer.) Ps. if anyone can get the movie reference from the first two lines of this paragraph, gold star for you!
Anyways, off of my rant. Here is the real new hair for the new hot town of Las Vegas! I needed a change!

Now I know that the suspense must be killing you....








TA DA! I chopped off like 6 inches or so. I realized that I had had long blonde hair since Jeremy had even met me. So I wanted to mix it up a little! So there it is! I love it! It is fun to play with it. Anyway. That is the update on us... I guess I better go start packing and cleaning.. we are moving on Saturday and it is already Wednesday. Yikes!! Lots to do!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Humble Abode!

We recently made some changes to our apartment, so I wanted to post some pictures. Nothing super dramatic has changed, but since it is spring, I decided that we should have some spring decorations to make our apartment a little brighter!

We started with some rearranging of the furniture. I feel like since the furniture is turned ever so slightly, that it make the apartment feel more homey (is that even a real word?) Anyways... We also got a curtain rod and hung some brown curtains to help keep out the evening sun and hopefully some of the heat that comes along with it. It is also nice to have dark curtains to get rid of the glare when we are watching TV.

So this is the lovely living room. What is that awesome coffee table you ask? That is Jeremy's craftsmanship! Yes, he made it! It is so cool and I love it!! Yes, there is a light in it! We have a coffee table that lights up. No need for a table lamp, he just made the table a lamp!

There are also holes in the sides to allow light to come out!

Here is an up close shot!

So for the spring decorations, we were trying to think of something cheap but cute for us to do. We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond since we still had a gift card from when we got married. We intended to buy a curtain rod, but while there we saw some place mats on sale for $2. Now before you judge me for putting place mats on my walls, just see for yourself with the pictures. The flowers and butterfly are supposed to be place mats, but I think they make an adorable wall decoration perfect for spring time!

Cute, right? We like it, and its a nice change for spring time. We love our little apartment, and it was really fun to re-arrange and redecorate for spring time. Happy Spring and the warm weather that comes along with it!!!

School's out... We're going to Page!

So we got out of school a while ago. Its nice to be done for a summer! So when we got done with the semester, Jeremy's parents took us on a little trip to Page, Arizona. We went with his parents, and his brother Matt. It was a nice trip and fun to see all the red rock there. While there, we went on a slot canyon tour, a floating trip down the Colorado River, and the boys went golfing while Debbie and I went on a really pretty walk around the course. Since it was Easter weekend, we also decided to stop on the way home and roll the smelly eggs that we had with us the whole trip down some hills! :) So here are some pics to document:

This is one of the pictures Jeremy took of the slot canyon! Pretty right! 
This is another picture of the slot canyon, but it is crooked and I am still new at this whole blogging thing, so loading pics is a pain. Any tips? So for this one, you just have to turn your head to the right to get the full effect! 
This is us on the massive truck coming back from the Slot Canyon. It was a bumpy ride,  but we survived!

The next day, we went on the float trip down the Colorado River to see Lee's Ferry. They warned us that some people would drop coins off the bridge, so we had to wear hard hats. I know... its super cute! 

This is the Glen Canyon Dam. I just thought this picture was cool to show how far below the road we were.

This was what we saw on our float trip. It was so pretty. We were allowed to swim if we wanted to, but I couldn't even stand to put my feet in the water! It was ice cold, but this one guy jumped right in! Brrr! 

It was a really fun trip! We are really grateful that Todd and Debbie invited us to come along! Thanks!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We give in...

Yes, its true... I, Haley, have finally given in to creating a blog. Shocking I know considering how long I tried to put it off.. but we decided that it would be a good way to document our super exciting lives! Ok, so our lives are not that exciting but it still is a good way for us to remember what we have been up to at least.

   Who are we you ask?  Haley and Jeremy Stevenson. Married on June 10, 2010. Studying mathematics education and industrial design at BYU respectively. One year left of school. Movie watchers. Game players. Food lovers!
    More seriously though, we are definitely starting a countdown to being done with school! We only have 3 more days of classes and then finals week. It will be so nice to be out of school for the summer. We are NEVER home! We go to campus around 8 in the morning and come home at nine at night if we are lucky! Its nice that we only have one more year left.
   We are not sure what is going to happen for the summer, but we are hoping that Jeremy will get an internship somewhere for Industrial Design. But we are just waiting to hear back from lots of places.
     Well thats all we have to say for now... but we will post the next thing that we do that is super exciting! :) Ok it will probably just be about what we do in on average day... but that is just how our lives are! Until then, here are some pictures of us!