Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vacation in October... that's new!!

So we took a little vacation near the beginning of October. It is weird to go on a vacation in the middle of the school year... but now that the school year has absolutely no impact on us anymore (aside from my tutoring gig.. luckily we went during fall break and we didn't even plan to), we decided why not go in october! It was good because Jere had a couple slow weeks at work so they said it was a good time to peace out for a week.

We started the vacation out by driving down to Parowan UT to visit with my grandparents and stay with them for a night. They have become quite the gardeners and gave us plenty of produce to disperse to our family on the rest of our trip! Thanks!! It was so fun to visit with them and I feel like the older I get, the more meaningful our visits become. I love just chatting with them and it was so fun to see them with Nora. They are the greatest!

Then we continued our drive to sin city. Both my parents were raised in Las Vegas, so we have a lot of family we can visit down there. We stayed with Darren and Angie and the boys and we were able to see most of my family. (We missed Christy's family and Dave's family) We spent a day with Auntie Brenda who spoiled little miss Nora by getting her a couple new outfits and took us to lunch. Thanks so much it was a great day! Nora got to meet a lot of new people and I think she did pretty well.

From Vegas, we flew to Richland WA where my dad, brother, and sister all live. My dad's bday was the monday before we flew up so we decided to surprise my dad for his birthday. He had no idea we were coming... Surprise=success!! It was so fun to see all of my family. It was the first time Jerilyn and Zack had seen Nora. We hung around, chatted, and ate good food. On saturday the boys went golfing and the girls got pedicures. Sunday dad smoked some awesome ribs and we played games all day. So fun!!!
Waiting to leave the airport in Vegas

Nora and Dad were watching the BYU game on Saturday. 
Waiting at the airport in WA
The seat next to us was empty on the way back from WA so Nora took a little snooze on her own seat! 
 What's going on? 
Oh... now I'm happy! 
Monday we flew back to Vegas! Nora did so great on he plane going there and back. She just got a little fussy when she was hungry but other than that she did awesome!

The only pic we got of Nana and Grandpa with Nora...
My mom also moved to Vegas that weekend so monday we helped her unload the moving truck.

Nora, Grandma Amber, and Ollie dog
Then we drove home on Tuesday. It was a lot packed into one trip, but we had lots of fun and it was so good to see so much family...

Until our next vacation...