Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas take 2 and New Years..

When we got back from Vegas, Jere worked a couple days and then we headed up to Fruit Heights to celebrate with his family. We started the weekend off by going out to a really nice dinner with all his siblings (minus Katie and her family... We missed you guys!!!) and his parents. It was one of their Christmas presents to us all. It was pretty funny because on our way there, Jeremy turned to me and said "do you think my parents are going to announce something? I just feel like my dad is going to announce that he got called as a mission president or that they are going on a mission." I hadn't even thought about it, but it made sense. Dinner was awesome! And in the end Jeremy was right... there was a big announcement: Todd was called as a Bishop of a brand new ward that had been created in Fruit Heights! Talk about overwhelming! He has been an awesome bishop and I know he has definitely been really busy! Due to the fact that Todd was called as a bishop, an important part of him had to go...  The Stache... In honor of that, we had a mustache shaving party!

It still surprises me every time I see him without it (and I only saw him with it for 3 years... not 30!)

While we were there, we also got to see Jeremy's sister Tiffani, her husband Johnathan, and their little girl, Violet. Violet is just a couple weeks younger than Nora so we were really excited to see them together. It was so fun to spend some time with them!! We miss them!

 Grandpa sure can get Nora to giggle... It is so fun when she just starts laughing!
Nora's favorite toy from Christmas.. who knew a sock puppet would be so awesome!! 

We spent New Years up in Fruit Heights also. It is kinda anti-climatic when you have a baby that goes to bed at 7. We left the party at Jeremy's aunt's around 8:30 so we could put Nora to bed. We got to play games with his family at his parent's house after she was sleeping but it just wasn't the same when you don't get to bang pots and yell "Happy New Year" because it will wake the babe. It was still fun just to spend time together!! 
Before we came home, we got to go to a really nice dinner at Johnathan's parent's house on New Years Day. It was so sweet of them to invite us. It was so fun to visit and eat good food. We had a great holiday season and hope you all did as well!! 

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas this year. We were able to spend it down in Vegas with my mom. Nora did so great! She got lots of good presents, but she took a nap while mom and dad opened most of them (why did I even wrap them??). Santa brought her a really great exersaucer that she enjoys jumping in most days.

So here are some pics to document our trip:

Miss Nora!! I love her so much!! Just look at that cute face... I kiss it all day!

Family Pic by our little tree in our apartment.

Nora and her cousins Dallin, Garrett, and Sawyer. The Linginfelter's are always so nice to let us stay with them... even when we bring a crying baby. This was our attempt to get a pic with the boys and Nora. Here's how it started.

And then Nora decided she'd had enough...

Dallin was so sweet to hold her and try to get her to stop crying. They are such fun boys.. Sawyer sure liked to say hi to Nora. I can still hear him repeating "Hi Nora, Hi Nora, Hi Nora...."

My aunt let us borrow a little exersaucer that she uses when her grandkids come over. Nora got to test drive one. She seemed to like it. I was so relieved!

 Sawyer showing us his muscles...

Christmas Eve at Gma and Gpa L's. 

Family Pic by Gma's tree on Christmas Eve. 

Santa Came!!!

It was a really fun trip. We had a great first Christmas with Nora!! We are looking forward to next year when she actually cares about what is going on, but it was a great holiday!!

Miss N: 7 Months Old

Now that Nora is almost 8 months old, I thought I should put up her 7 month post (I have been waiting to get the pictures ready... I'm a little slow)

Still as cute as can be and getting cuter everyday!!

She learned how to do a beauty queen wave. Everyone thinks this is just so adorable! I’m not sure she knows what it means, but she definitely knows it gets a great reaction so she keeps on wavin’.

She still hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet. She can rock on her hands and knees but then she lets her legs fall. She can scoot backwards and in circles, but hasn’t quite figured out the coordination to move forward.

She loves and I mean loves to eat! She is such a good eater. We feed her solids twice a day (and sometimes she snitches some of our food too). She pretty much will eat anything except for peas (but she’ll eat the mixed veggies with peas in it... I am so sneaky). She loves the fruit though. She really likes mashed bananas. She usually eats a jar of baby food and 1oz of breast milk mixed with barley or oatmeal.

She also likes to eat the little snack puffs. She figured out how to chew them, so she doesn’t just spit them out like before. She can’t put them in her own mouth yet. When she picks them up, she just holds them in her hand and can’t figure out how to get it from the palm of her hand to her mouth. She did it once but I think it was an accident. She will learn.

She also got 2 teeth. Her bottom 2 teeth poked through this month. She sure looks cute.

Because of these teeth, she is a drool monster. I thought she was bad before, but now it is like a constant fountain!! Her clothes are always soaked to her belly button!!

She loves to stand up. She would much rather be standing than sitting or laying. She can grab my fingers and pull herself up to standing. She hasn’t figured out that she has to hold on in order to stay up so I only let her stand if a person is with her to hold her hands. She grabs the couch or her crib, but has taken a couple bad tumbles so  I want her to learn to hold on on her own before I will let her stand by herself.

She loves when other babies are around. She really likes when Hannah and Ali come over. She might be a pill all morning, but as soon as they come over, she just brightens up. It is so fun to see these cute girls together!

She is spitting raspberries and talking away. She likes to say yayayaya, or bubububu, or just some random combination of sounds. It is really fun to hear what she has to say.

Loud noises scare Nora. She typically cries whenever I turn on the blow dryer, vacuum, or food processor.

Nora moves her feet in little circles when she is sitting down. Usually when she is upset, she moves them so fast. It’s hilarious.

There are a few fun facts that I recorded through the 7th month... Now for the pics:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nora at 6 months

Nora turned six months old a little before Christmas, but we didn't have her appointment until today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 16 lbs (43%)
Height: 26.5 in (64%)
Head Circumference: 17.25 in (85%)

The dr. said she is looking great! We feel so blessed that she is a healthy, happy little girl!

Some things about Nora:

Nora can totally recognize her bottle. We feed her a bottle every night before bed and she can grab it and puts the nipple in her mouth. When we hold her and tip her back, she can hold the bottle and feed herself (she hasn’t figured out how to tip the bottle on her own yet).

Speaking of feeding... we started her on rice cereal. We had a couple rough (and I mean awful) nights in the middle of December so we figured something needed to change. She was waking up every hour. At first we thought she was teething. Nope. Then we thought she had an ear infection but Tylenol did absolutely nothing! So I called the Dr. and got the OK. So we tried rice cereal. She did good the first few days, but after that she would just scream when we would put her in the bumbo and try to feed her. So the dr. said to put in some applesauce or bananas. But I was nervous to do that because I heard that once you give them fruits they won’t each veggies (I don’t know the truth of this statement but I didn’t want to risk it). Anyway.... I had some yams that I was wanting to cook up. So we mashed some and put them in with the rice cereal and she seems to like it much better! Success!!

Nora also gets really excited sometimes and makes an excited ooh noise and kicks her feet like crazy. She mostly does this when she sees me lifting up my shirt (meaning she will get fed) or when she is getting ready to get in the bath or when dad is bouncing with her. It is so cute.

Her favorite song to dance to is Boogie Shoes. For some silly reason, whenever we turn this on, she makes her excited noise and smiles. I guess it has a good beat.

Raspberries! This girl can spit! She likes to blow spit bubbles and stick her tongue out at the same time.

She still loves to smile! I love when she just smiles at me.

She doesn’t cry very often. She just yells at us. Usually it is a low pitched groan kind of noise. She is really good at growling! She will make a great lion in a school play sometime.

She is so good at standing up. Whenever we put our hands in front of her, she grabs them and lifts her feet for us to pull her to her bum. But once she is sitting up, she pushes herself up with her legs until she is standing. She rarely ever stops at just sitting.

She can sit by herself for about a minute. I don’t trust her balance enough to leave her side. She does really well when the diaper bag is in front of her. Something about the pattern on it really intrigues her. If she is just playing with a toy, she will eventually just fold in half.  After I wrote this, sitting up clicked for her. Now she can sit up like a champ! 

Now for some pics...as always the best and most recent pics are on the nice camera so here are some snapshots and some older pics..