Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School's out... We're going to Page!

So we got out of school a while ago. Its nice to be done for a summer! So when we got done with the semester, Jeremy's parents took us on a little trip to Page, Arizona. We went with his parents, and his brother Matt. It was a nice trip and fun to see all the red rock there. While there, we went on a slot canyon tour, a floating trip down the Colorado River, and the boys went golfing while Debbie and I went on a really pretty walk around the course. Since it was Easter weekend, we also decided to stop on the way home and roll the smelly eggs that we had with us the whole trip down some hills! :) So here are some pics to document:

This is one of the pictures Jeremy took of the slot canyon! Pretty right! 
This is another picture of the slot canyon, but it is crooked and I am still new at this whole blogging thing, so loading pics is a pain. Any tips? So for this one, you just have to turn your head to the right to get the full effect! 
This is us on the massive truck coming back from the Slot Canyon. It was a bumpy ride,  but we survived!

The next day, we went on the float trip down the Colorado River to see Lee's Ferry. They warned us that some people would drop coins off the bridge, so we had to wear hard hats. I know... its super cute! 

This is the Glen Canyon Dam. I just thought this picture was cool to show how far below the road we were.

This was what we saw on our float trip. It was so pretty. We were allowed to swim if we wanted to, but I couldn't even stand to put my feet in the water! It was ice cold, but this one guy jumped right in! Brrr! 

It was a really fun trip! We are really grateful that Todd and Debbie invited us to come along! Thanks!

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