Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Humble Abode!

We recently made some changes to our apartment, so I wanted to post some pictures. Nothing super dramatic has changed, but since it is spring, I decided that we should have some spring decorations to make our apartment a little brighter!

We started with some rearranging of the furniture. I feel like since the furniture is turned ever so slightly, that it make the apartment feel more homey (is that even a real word?) Anyways... We also got a curtain rod and hung some brown curtains to help keep out the evening sun and hopefully some of the heat that comes along with it. It is also nice to have dark curtains to get rid of the glare when we are watching TV.

So this is the lovely living room. What is that awesome coffee table you ask? That is Jeremy's craftsmanship! Yes, he made it! It is so cool and I love it!! Yes, there is a light in it! We have a coffee table that lights up. No need for a table lamp, he just made the table a lamp!

There are also holes in the sides to allow light to come out!

Here is an up close shot!

So for the spring decorations, we were trying to think of something cheap but cute for us to do. We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond since we still had a gift card from when we got married. We intended to buy a curtain rod, but while there we saw some place mats on sale for $2. Now before you judge me for putting place mats on my walls, just see for yourself with the pictures. The flowers and butterfly are supposed to be place mats, but I think they make an adorable wall decoration perfect for spring time!

Cute, right? We like it, and its a nice change for spring time. We love our little apartment, and it was really fun to re-arrange and redecorate for spring time. Happy Spring and the warm weather that comes along with it!!!


  1. So cute! Can you decorate our house next? I love love love the light table. Even if it doesn't fit into your decor when you have kids, keep it for them because they will love it (and get these because they are fun to play with on a light table: http://www.amazon.com/Magformers-30-Magnetic-Building-Set/dp/B000HDC3QE).

    I'm so glad you have a blog!!! Keep posting!!!

  2. I love it! The table is super cool...good job Jeremy. I'm waiting to see that zester though! ;)