Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our not so exciting news...

We are still around, even though its been a while since I've posted anything.

Hmmm.. I'm not sure what to post about.. We don't have any exciting news going on in this house. Well, maybe just a couple things.

1. Jeremy Graduated! Yay! He finished school in December, and has been looking for a job since then. He majored in Industrial Design and has been sending out his portfolio to companies all across the country. Who knows where we will end up. It's scary and exciting!

2. I have been doing my student teaching. I have 3 weeks left which is pretty exciting. I am really looking forward to graduating in April. I am almost done with college... it's been a long time coming I feel like.

3. I got a hair cut. I have noticed that I like to post about my hair cuts. It's mostly just so those far away can see how fabulous I am looking these days! haha... So I didn't get a before picture, but I have 5 months worth of out growth and my style had definitely grown out... It was just hanging around my shoulders with no shape at all. So it was nice to get a fresh look...

Its longer on the left side... I'm so edgy! Haha.

The back is super short, but I really like it. It stacks really nicely. Thanks Hailee! 
So I went for a "mom cut"... you may be asking yourself why... Well... that brings me to my last piece of news. 

Yep! I peed on this stick... I am pregnant! We are so excited. I am due June 28th, so I am about 25 weeks along. We are having a little girl... We couldn't be more thrilled! I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the baby stuff. I have no idea what is needed and what isn't. But I do know that everything is cuter when its tiny... We have some of the cutest shoes and clothes! 

So here is a current baby bump picture and a picture from when we first found out (like 4 weeks) just to compare the size difference. 


So there is the update on our life in 4 little sections. We are so excited to see where life takes us next! Also, if any of you moms out there reading our blog have any suggestions or advice on stuff for babies let me know. I would be happy for any kind of help (carseats, baby tubs, cribs, bedding, necessities, things that are not needed, anything!) Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day!