Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Big!!

Nora turned 4 months old on October 22. Crazy how fast it has gone (I know...every mom says that!) She is such a doll and we love love love having her in our lives.

Her 4 month check up was yesterday (which means bruises today). She had to get 4 shots and one oral medicine. Poor thing! :( She has done pretty well though. Yay for baby Tylenol! She had the cutest little pink camo bandaids.

Her stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 8.5 oz (36th percentile)
Height: 25.15 inches (79th percentile)
Head: 16.25 inches (70th percentile)

The dr said she is growing perfectly and she is really healthy. We are so happy that she is doing well.

What she's up to:

Rolling over like a champ. She has rolling from her tummy to her back down like its nothing. She can go from her back to tummy, but this takes a bit more effort. She hasn't done it that much so I don't think she has quite figured out how to do it yet.

Slobber queen. This girl can drool! She always soaks her shirts!

She loves to grab toys and immediately stick them in her mouth. She chews on everything (including her thumbs... gasp)!! It's really fun to see her interacting with her toys more. She loves her musical monkey and her colorful ball. If she is really upset, we can push the button on the monkey and the music calms her down. The only downside is that the music only lasts for 5 seconds then you have to push the button again... so we have to sit and push the button over and over..

She is in size 0-6 month clothes.. haha. She can still fit in her 0-3 month clothes but also wears 3-6 month stuff too. I think I will mostly be putting her in the 3-6 mo stuff because her 0-3 stuff is summery.

She likes to giggle and smile. She smiles almost all the time when she sees us, but giggles take a bit more work on our part. She changes her mind everyday on what will make her giggle. One day it was me saying "hey" in a really low voice, or one day it was making kissy noises, or once when she was sitting on her daddy's tummy. So we have some videos that I sound really funny in, but it's worth it to hear her laugh!!

She still loves her bath. Now she likes to lay down in the water and kick around.

She is a pretty good sleeper. She will wake up once or twice in the middle of the night (unless something seems to be bothering her... like the other day). She does ok with her naps. I wish they would last a little longer so I could get some more done in the day (our apartment is constantly a mess).
She takes about 5 twenty minute naps. One of the might be 40 minutes if I'm lucky. Is it just me, or shouldn't a few of her naps be at least an hour?

She is such a joy! I couldn't imagine life without her! I also wanted to document some of the things we call her before I forget...

Punkin punkin (this is a recent one. I don't know where it came from... fall maybe?)
punkin girl
Nora bug
cuddle bug
snuggle bug
sweet pea
missy missy (I don't know why I always say things twice. Sometimes I go on with this one... I'll say missy like 5 times.)
little miss
So basically we call her anything but Nora... haha. Funny how that happens. Here are some pics of our little one. I have most of them on the nice camera and I'm too lazy to go through them right now so her are the snapshots.

I love waking up to that face!! 

Going for a walk on a chilly day. Her nose was a little red! 

Love the huge flower!!

Oh and i did this....