Sunday, April 10, 2011

We give in...

Yes, its true... I, Haley, have finally given in to creating a blog. Shocking I know considering how long I tried to put it off.. but we decided that it would be a good way to document our super exciting lives! Ok, so our lives are not that exciting but it still is a good way for us to remember what we have been up to at least.

   Who are we you ask?  Haley and Jeremy Stevenson. Married on June 10, 2010. Studying mathematics education and industrial design at BYU respectively. One year left of school. Movie watchers. Game players. Food lovers!
    More seriously though, we are definitely starting a countdown to being done with school! We only have 3 more days of classes and then finals week. It will be so nice to be out of school for the summer. We are NEVER home! We go to campus around 8 in the morning and come home at nine at night if we are lucky! Its nice that we only have one more year left.
   We are not sure what is going to happen for the summer, but we are hoping that Jeremy will get an internship somewhere for Industrial Design. But we are just waiting to hear back from lots of places.
     Well thats all we have to say for now... but we will post the next thing that we do that is super exciting! :) Ok it will probably just be about what we do in on average day... but that is just how our lives are! Until then, here are some pictures of us!


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