Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miss N: 7 Months Old

Now that Nora is almost 8 months old, I thought I should put up her 7 month post (I have been waiting to get the pictures ready... I'm a little slow)

Still as cute as can be and getting cuter everyday!!

She learned how to do a beauty queen wave. Everyone thinks this is just so adorable! I’m not sure she knows what it means, but she definitely knows it gets a great reaction so she keeps on wavin’.

She still hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet. She can rock on her hands and knees but then she lets her legs fall. She can scoot backwards and in circles, but hasn’t quite figured out the coordination to move forward.

She loves and I mean loves to eat! She is such a good eater. We feed her solids twice a day (and sometimes she snitches some of our food too). She pretty much will eat anything except for peas (but she’ll eat the mixed veggies with peas in it... I am so sneaky). She loves the fruit though. She really likes mashed bananas. She usually eats a jar of baby food and 1oz of breast milk mixed with barley or oatmeal.

She also likes to eat the little snack puffs. She figured out how to chew them, so she doesn’t just spit them out like before. She can’t put them in her own mouth yet. When she picks them up, she just holds them in her hand and can’t figure out how to get it from the palm of her hand to her mouth. She did it once but I think it was an accident. She will learn.

She also got 2 teeth. Her bottom 2 teeth poked through this month. She sure looks cute.

Because of these teeth, she is a drool monster. I thought she was bad before, but now it is like a constant fountain!! Her clothes are always soaked to her belly button!!

She loves to stand up. She would much rather be standing than sitting or laying. She can grab my fingers and pull herself up to standing. She hasn’t figured out that she has to hold on in order to stay up so I only let her stand if a person is with her to hold her hands. She grabs the couch or her crib, but has taken a couple bad tumbles so  I want her to learn to hold on on her own before I will let her stand by herself.

She loves when other babies are around. She really likes when Hannah and Ali come over. She might be a pill all morning, but as soon as they come over, she just brightens up. It is so fun to see these cute girls together!

She is spitting raspberries and talking away. She likes to say yayayaya, or bubububu, or just some random combination of sounds. It is really fun to hear what she has to say.

Loud noises scare Nora. She typically cries whenever I turn on the blow dryer, vacuum, or food processor.

Nora moves her feet in little circles when she is sitting down. Usually when she is upset, she moves them so fast. It’s hilarious.

There are a few fun facts that I recorded through the 7th month... Now for the pics:

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  1. Aww man...she is so adorable! Thank you so much for the updates and the pics!