Monday, January 7, 2013

Nora at 6 months

Nora turned six months old a little before Christmas, but we didn't have her appointment until today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 16 lbs (43%)
Height: 26.5 in (64%)
Head Circumference: 17.25 in (85%)

The dr. said she is looking great! We feel so blessed that she is a healthy, happy little girl!

Some things about Nora:

Nora can totally recognize her bottle. We feed her a bottle every night before bed and she can grab it and puts the nipple in her mouth. When we hold her and tip her back, she can hold the bottle and feed herself (she hasn’t figured out how to tip the bottle on her own yet).

Speaking of feeding... we started her on rice cereal. We had a couple rough (and I mean awful) nights in the middle of December so we figured something needed to change. She was waking up every hour. At first we thought she was teething. Nope. Then we thought she had an ear infection but Tylenol did absolutely nothing! So I called the Dr. and got the OK. So we tried rice cereal. She did good the first few days, but after that she would just scream when we would put her in the bumbo and try to feed her. So the dr. said to put in some applesauce or bananas. But I was nervous to do that because I heard that once you give them fruits they won’t each veggies (I don’t know the truth of this statement but I didn’t want to risk it). Anyway.... I had some yams that I was wanting to cook up. So we mashed some and put them in with the rice cereal and she seems to like it much better! Success!!

Nora also gets really excited sometimes and makes an excited ooh noise and kicks her feet like crazy. She mostly does this when she sees me lifting up my shirt (meaning she will get fed) or when she is getting ready to get in the bath or when dad is bouncing with her. It is so cute.

Her favorite song to dance to is Boogie Shoes. For some silly reason, whenever we turn this on, she makes her excited noise and smiles. I guess it has a good beat.

Raspberries! This girl can spit! She likes to blow spit bubbles and stick her tongue out at the same time.

She still loves to smile! I love when she just smiles at me.

She doesn’t cry very often. She just yells at us. Usually it is a low pitched groan kind of noise. She is really good at growling! She will make a great lion in a school play sometime.

She is so good at standing up. Whenever we put our hands in front of her, she grabs them and lifts her feet for us to pull her to her bum. But once she is sitting up, she pushes herself up with her legs until she is standing. She rarely ever stops at just sitting.

She can sit by herself for about a minute. I don’t trust her balance enough to leave her side. She does really well when the diaper bag is in front of her. Something about the pattern on it really intrigues her. If she is just playing with a toy, she will eventually just fold in half.  After I wrote this, sitting up clicked for her. Now she can sit up like a champ! 

Now for some always the best and most recent pics are on the nice camera so here are some snapshots and some older pics..


  1. What a doll!! She is so beautiful! Thanks for the update. I love your blog.

  2. oh my goodness, I know I'm late to seeing this, but the picture of her sleeping with the toys is priceless!