Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas take 2 and New Years..

When we got back from Vegas, Jere worked a couple days and then we headed up to Fruit Heights to celebrate with his family. We started the weekend off by going out to a really nice dinner with all his siblings (minus Katie and her family... We missed you guys!!!) and his parents. It was one of their Christmas presents to us all. It was pretty funny because on our way there, Jeremy turned to me and said "do you think my parents are going to announce something? I just feel like my dad is going to announce that he got called as a mission president or that they are going on a mission." I hadn't even thought about it, but it made sense. Dinner was awesome! And in the end Jeremy was right... there was a big announcement: Todd was called as a Bishop of a brand new ward that had been created in Fruit Heights! Talk about overwhelming! He has been an awesome bishop and I know he has definitely been really busy! Due to the fact that Todd was called as a bishop, an important part of him had to go...  The Stache... In honor of that, we had a mustache shaving party!

It still surprises me every time I see him without it (and I only saw him with it for 3 years... not 30!)

While we were there, we also got to see Jeremy's sister Tiffani, her husband Johnathan, and their little girl, Violet. Violet is just a couple weeks younger than Nora so we were really excited to see them together. It was so fun to spend some time with them!! We miss them!

 Grandpa sure can get Nora to giggle... It is so fun when she just starts laughing!
Nora's favorite toy from Christmas.. who knew a sock puppet would be so awesome!! 

We spent New Years up in Fruit Heights also. It is kinda anti-climatic when you have a baby that goes to bed at 7. We left the party at Jeremy's aunt's around 8:30 so we could put Nora to bed. We got to play games with his family at his parent's house after she was sleeping but it just wasn't the same when you don't get to bang pots and yell "Happy New Year" because it will wake the babe. It was still fun just to spend time together!! 
Before we came home, we got to go to a really nice dinner at Johnathan's parent's house on New Years Day. It was so sweet of them to invite us. It was so fun to visit and eat good food. We had a great holiday season and hope you all did as well!! 


  1. Awesome posts! I love the pics. Looks like you are getting the hang of your camera!

  2. Wow! To think a guy can just shave and take ten years off of his looks!

  3. Ah! The ageless Sock Monkey! My Grandmother had one for the grandchildren that she had saved and our children had them.