Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas this year. We were able to spend it down in Vegas with my mom. Nora did so great! She got lots of good presents, but she took a nap while mom and dad opened most of them (why did I even wrap them??). Santa brought her a really great exersaucer that she enjoys jumping in most days.

So here are some pics to document our trip:

Miss Nora!! I love her so much!! Just look at that cute face... I kiss it all day!

Family Pic by our little tree in our apartment.

Nora and her cousins Dallin, Garrett, and Sawyer. The Linginfelter's are always so nice to let us stay with them... even when we bring a crying baby. This was our attempt to get a pic with the boys and Nora. Here's how it started.

And then Nora decided she'd had enough...

Dallin was so sweet to hold her and try to get her to stop crying. They are such fun boys.. Sawyer sure liked to say hi to Nora. I can still hear him repeating "Hi Nora, Hi Nora, Hi Nora...."

My aunt let us borrow a little exersaucer that she uses when her grandkids come over. Nora got to test drive one. She seemed to like it. I was so relieved!

 Sawyer showing us his muscles...

Christmas Eve at Gma and Gpa L's. 

Family Pic by Gma's tree on Christmas Eve. 

Santa Came!!!

It was a really fun trip. We had a great first Christmas with Nora!! We are looking forward to next year when she actually cares about what is going on, but it was a great holiday!!

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