Friday, August 17, 2012

Nora's Blessing

We blessed Nora on August 5th. It was a really nice day and she looked so cute.

Jeremy gave a really good blessing... i think. Nora cried through the whole thing ( the one thing I DIDN'T want to happen!). She did so great before and after the blessing, but I think she just didn't like being held out away from someone. She is such a cuddle bug!! I really wish we would have given her a paci. Dang it.. now I know for the next kiddo.  I felt really bad because I was so focused on Nora crying (praying that she would stop) that I forgot to listen to what Jeremy was saying! Half way through, I realized I wasn't listening to Jere to I tried to focus on him more than Nora's cries. I wish we would have had someone take notes or record it (I didn't even know that was allowed), but anyway, the part I heard was really beautiful. So here are some pics from Nora's big day...

Nora and I before church... She is so stinkin' cute!!! 

Janica and Cale came down for the blessing. I was so happy to have them here.

Grandma and Jake

Grandma Stevenson and Nora

Jeremy's sister, Katie. We were so glad that their little family could be here for the blessing and that we got to spend time with them for a couple weeks! 

Jeremy's mom painted a beautiful picture for Nora. It is currently hanging in her room and fits perfectly with our colors (Go Debbie!!) 

Grandpa Stevenson and Uncle Matt 

Here are some pics of our little family that Jere's sister, Katie took for us. Thanks Katie!!

She was blowing bubbles!

I'm pretty sure Nora slept the whole day besides when she was crying through the blessing. She slept through ALL of church. That's a first! :)

Well until next time... and we are still working on Nora's room. I have some killer ideas of what to do, but I am just a little slow at actually doing them. Haha. I want to post pics of it as soon as I get it done.



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