Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love our Little Nora

Being a mom is a lot busier than I ever imagined. It is so time consuming... so I have begun to neglect our house.... I should be cleaning it right now but I'm not. I feel like I constantly have Nora in my arms because she is such a cuddle bug. I love it though! We snuggle pretty much all day. My favorite is when she curls up on me and falls asleep on my chest. She just fits so perfectly in my arms!

So I just wanted to post a couple things that have been going on in our lives... mostly Nora.

My mom was here at the end of June to help us adjust to parenthood (ps there is a tv show called parenthood that I just finished watching and they named their daughter Nora on the show... I don't know why that bothered me but it did. I feel like I stole it from them even though I named my daughter Nora before I even watched it...anyways) It was so fun to have her here! She was so helpful especially with dishes!! I didn't wash one single dish for over a week! Awesome! We are going to go visit her next weekend so that will be fun to see her again.

This was her the first week. She was wearing a premie onesie! 

We also had Jeremy's Winter family reunion last week. It was really fun to be with his family. We had the Winter Summer olympic games and pioneer day while we were there! It was really great to just hang out with the gang. I think my favorite part was when pretty much the whole Stevenson clan was upstairs just sitting around on the bed chatting. It was so great!

Nora has been growing like a weed! I feel like she is so big but everyone keeps telling me how tiny she is. She is almost 6 weeks old and I just wanted to make note of a few funny things that she does.

She will not poo in a wet diaper... no, she will wait for you to change her wet diaper and then immediately poo in the nice clean diaper. She especially liked to do this when we used to swaddle her. She would wait until we got her all swaddled up and then poo... I'm pretty sure she did it on purpose. It was her own special game she was playing....

Nora used to hate taking a bath when she had to get sponge baths, but once she could lounge in her little chair in the tub she loves taking a bath. Last week, she was so relaxed in the tub that she poo'd... so we cleaned it all out, filled it back up, put her back in and within 5 minutes she poo'd again. The little stinker! But third time was the charm. We successfully gave her a bath.

She also likes to pull her hair. It is so sad when she does it because she just screams and screams but she won't let go because she can't realize that she is the one causing the pain. It is awful to try to get her to let go of her hair. The other day I had to put something in the oven really quick so I laid her down in her crib for less than 30 seconds and when I came back she was screaming and I could see the skin pulling away from her skull. It made me so sad!
My two favorite people
Proof that she cries!
She is such a cuddle bug! She loves to be held. It doesn't really matter who by. She just loves to be held close to someone.

Nora with Gma Stevenson

Nora is now in size 1 diapers. After a couple blowouts I called it quits on the newborn diapers. She can also wear 3 month onesies because she is so long, but she can only wear newborn shorts or skirts... she has a small bum I guess.

Also we bought her a crib! We found a great deal on KSL and we got a crib and mattress, changing table and mattress, diaper genie and boppy for a killer price. And they are so nice. The crib is made out of maple so it is a great wood. The only thing is that it is a drop side crib, but we contacted the manufacturers and they are sending us the conversion kit to fix that. I'll post pictures later when I finish the entire nursery. It is kinda crazy in there right now...

We also bought a camera from Jere's sister so we've had fun playing around with that! Thanks again Katie!!

Katie took this pic though... not us! And the next one..

So that is our little update. We are blessing Nora on Sunday and we are excited about that. I think Jere is a little nervous but I know he will do great. We just bought her an adorable blessing dress so she will look so cute... obviously :) !
Sorry this is crooked! But isn't she just so adorable!!!

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