Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our not so exciting news...

We are still around, even though its been a while since I've posted anything.

Hmmm.. I'm not sure what to post about.. We don't have any exciting news going on in this house. Well, maybe just a couple things.

1. Jeremy Graduated! Yay! He finished school in December, and has been looking for a job since then. He majored in Industrial Design and has been sending out his portfolio to companies all across the country. Who knows where we will end up. It's scary and exciting!

2. I have been doing my student teaching. I have 3 weeks left which is pretty exciting. I am really looking forward to graduating in April. I am almost done with college... it's been a long time coming I feel like.

3. I got a hair cut. I have noticed that I like to post about my hair cuts. It's mostly just so those far away can see how fabulous I am looking these days! haha... So I didn't get a before picture, but I have 5 months worth of out growth and my style had definitely grown out... It was just hanging around my shoulders with no shape at all. So it was nice to get a fresh look...

Its longer on the left side... I'm so edgy! Haha.

The back is super short, but I really like it. It stacks really nicely. Thanks Hailee! 
So I went for a "mom cut"... you may be asking yourself why... Well... that brings me to my last piece of news. 

Yep! I peed on this stick... I am pregnant! We are so excited. I am due June 28th, so I am about 25 weeks along. We are having a little girl... We couldn't be more thrilled! I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the baby stuff. I have no idea what is needed and what isn't. But I do know that everything is cuter when its tiny... We have some of the cutest shoes and clothes! 

So here is a current baby bump picture and a picture from when we first found out (like 4 weeks) just to compare the size difference. 


So there is the update on our life in 4 little sections. We are so excited to see where life takes us next! Also, if any of you moms out there reading our blog have any suggestions or advice on stuff for babies let me know. I would be happy for any kind of help (carseats, baby tubs, cribs, bedding, necessities, things that are not needed, anything!) Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day! 



  1. OH my heck congratulations! GIRLS ARE SO FUN :) Someone the other day asked me what 'must haves' they needed for a baby. I had a hard time thinking of anything because it was such a blur haha... Well first, I love Graco for carseats. We got the 'travel pack' or whatever it as called. It came with the carseat and stroller. I didn't know if I wanted to spend money on that because I talked to some people who didn't, but it was WORTH IT. They are kinda bulky, but it was so nice to have when it was needed.

    If you plan on nursing, I would highly recommend getting a nursing cover. You can find some at If you do a little searching you can probably find a discount code that gets you a free one and you just pay for shipping ($10). I wanted to quit nursing SOO many times, but I stuck with it for a year and I'm glad I did. For her crib we got one of those ones that convert into a toddler bed. Lydia still uses the crib, but it will be nice to be able to convert it in awhile when she is ready instead of worrying about buying a new bed.

    Lydia was a CRANKY baby for 3-4 months. One thing that really helped me keep sane some days was a bouncy/vibrator chair. I would just sit it on top of the counter or close to me if i couldn't hold her. We had a swing too, but I feel like the chair helped more for us. Another thing that helped when she was cranky was a binky. She took one for the first 6 months and then we took it away (that's another story that would probably be too much info haha).

    We didn't buy a baby tub. When she was real little we just bathed her in the kitchen sink and then when she got a little bigger I would just fold up a towel or something and rest her head on it in the tub with a little water in it. She loved kicking in the tub.

    Newborns stain A LOT of clothes because of their dirty diapers so definitely get some good stain remover :)

    I've come to find that EVERY baby is different when it comes to sleeping. I seriously tried EVERYTHING in the book and she didn't sleep all the way through the night until she was 11 months old because we had to resort to letting her cry it out. I do think a good schedule helps though so once your little girl figures out her day and nights put her on a schedule! I did the EASY schedule. Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. I mainly did this so she didn't think she had to eat to go to sleep.

    I feel like I'm giving you A LOT of info, but seriously if you have any more questions please ask! I'm really excited for you guys :) You'll be awesome parents!

    p.s. if you want any pictures you better call me :)

  2. I just did a little searching and the promo code for that website is cousins2. So instead of like $45 you can get one of those covers for $12 if you want one :)

  3. Wahoo that's so very exciting! Baby girls are SO fun and SO fun to shop for!!!! So many fun things! Our favorite swing is the ocean wonders cradle swing....way better then the papasan one that we had second. I'm in LOVE with the Britax carseats. They are a little more spendy but worth the extra expense. Also the safety reviews are way better! I love those new pack n plays that have the little seat sleeper thing in them! So great for when they are brand new and worry about them chocking. Also the bouncy seats are amazing! fun! Almost makes me a tiny bit baby hungry!

  4. Yay! I love your hair Haley!!! So cute! I love the bump even more! :) Don't stress too much about buying everything before the baby comes, especially right now. Wait until you have baby showers, etc, before you do any shopping (though maybe think about a registry at Target). Then you can buy things as you need them. You only need some newborn outfits, diapers, and a carseat to bring your baby home! Don't stress about it too much right now. Enjoy your pregnancy and know that you will figure out the rest as you go.

  5. Little Sis- I'm so happy for you!! Girls are a blast (I should know I'll be having baby #5, girl #4 in August, I'm a pro!) If you have any questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask, we all know I've done this a few times!! Feel free to FB me anytime!! I'm always on it!! I'm so excited for you!!
    Your "Big Sis" ;)

    P.S congrats on the hubby graduating, we are in the same boat. Jamie got his PhD last year and we are STILL waiting on jobs, he's doing a "post doctorate" right now cause nothing came up. Good luck finding something! And I LOVE your hair, very stylish! I miss your face. Let me know if I can help with anything!! Love ya!